ASC Wall Panels

Highly Effective Broadband Acoustic Control
If you have a cafeteria or gymnasium which quickly fills up with noise, our Wall Panels may be exactly what you need to help mellow out the echo. Wall Panels are basically sound absorbers, when sound hits them, it is converted into heat. Large spaces with tall ceilings are notorious noise generators as people are forced to yell in order to be heard. Strategic placement of enough absorption will make it possible for many people to communicate at a normal tone of voice, keeping the noise down.

Free Engineering
ASC will determine and propose an action plan that fits your needs. We'll supply the acoustics and the install instructions for your installer. A small deposit (which is applied to your final purchase) is all it takes to get started. Typically, we ask for photos, and that you record a simple test tape for us to analyze.

The Panels are available covered with 5 in-stock Guilford of Maine 701 fabrics, or choose from many special order colors to match your specific needs.

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