ASC SoundPlanks

Sound Plank Application

This 62,000 cubic foot cafeteria's ceiling and side walls are conditioned with 1300 linear feet of ASC's SoundPlank™ for a total coverage of 915 square feet. The existing RT60 is brought down from 3.75 seconds (measured) to 1.24 seconds (measured) -well within the RT60 range recommended for its room type. Scroll down for an audio before-after clip.

The layout of the SoundPlanks provides well balanced room acoustics, with intelligibility greatly improved and yet a lively sound quality preserved. As noise builds up, people have to speak louder and louder to be heard. The "acoustic speed bump" effect of the arrayed SoundPlanks will slow down this noise buildup problem.

The graph below shows the measured RT60's before (in blue) and after (in red) the conditioning process.

The ASC Sound Plank

Controls reverberation & echo signals
Provides absorption and diffusion when placed in arrayed pattern
6" or 8" wide with custom lengths
Mounts easily to the wall or ceiling

Sound Plank profiles

Before-After RT60 Comparison
Measured Reverberation Time RT60's

To hear the actual balloon burst tests before and after the treatment, click the Play button below from your default multimedia program within your browser, or click HERE to download the zip file. Warning: Loud! Please adjust your volume control first.
Before conditioning (RT60=3.75 sec.):
After conditioning (RT60=1.24 sec.):

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